Our Story

The Hivewell Beauty Co. is a female-owned Canadian business combining the latest in professional skincare treatments with a holistic approach to wellness. Operating with the core belief that true beauty begins from within, Hivewell cultivates a space for self-love + community through its mindful approaches to self-care.
The Hive represents a space of women coming together to better the collective, living purposefully + with intention.
The space is led by Denise, an Advanced Skincare specialist committed to uplifting others and empowering women to feel their best, combining skin care with her passion for holistic health. Denise brings a calm, compassionate and comfortable energy in her practice, leaving clients feeling positive, peaceful and rejuvenated. By practicing self-care as a form of self-love, clients can enjoy the beautiful relaxation that accompanies gentle, and intentionally curated experiences, centered on mind, body and spirit at The Hivewell Beauty Co. Every visit leaves your mind calmer, body more relaxed and spirit rejuvenated. Show yourself the love + compassion you deserve and visit the Hive for your next mini escape!
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