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Hivewell Beauty Co. provides gentle skincare services that are customized for each client. Each visit will include a thorough skin consultation to ensure that the specified treatment is best suited for you.

Basic Bee

Facial – 60 min

Cleanses and purifies the skin, includes manual extractions, a cozy hot towel and a custom mask for that fresh face glow!

Bacial (Back Facial) – 45 min

Cleanse and purifies the skin, includes extractions, hot towel plus massage and a custom mask to beautify the skin, hello backless dress!

Bad Bee

Hydrabrasion Glow – 75 min

Water based microdermabrasion that uses a gentle suction, oxygen and radio frequency to tighten and firm skin + custom mask for radiant, dewy skin!

Facial + Chemical Peel – 75 min

A superficial peel to give you that extra glow, little to no downtime with this one!

Facial + Dermaplaning – 75 min

Exfoliates dead skin while gently shaving away velus hair or “peach fuzz” to give you that smooth base for flawless makeup application! A custom mask is always included!

Boss Bee

Facial + Micro w/ HA – 75 min

Microneedles combined with hyaluronic acid, this is an excellent treatment for cell regeneration to smooth out texture, acne scars, fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

Facial + Derma + Chem. – 85 min

Dermaplaning followed by a chemical peel, two treatments, one goal – smooth glowing skin!

Queen Bee

Facial + Derma + Micro w/ HA – 85min

This is the sweetest combo, exfoliation from dermaplaning leaving you with the perfect smooth base, plus reducing fine lines and hyperpigmentation with microneedling for improved skin texture. These two treatments are the golden ticket for healthy skin!

Zena Algae Peel (Face) – 60 Min

The results of this peel are incredible after just one treatment. It is the gold standard of all organic peels! This treatment requires downtime. (Inquire for more information)

Zena Algae Peel (For Body) – 70 min

The results of this peel are incredible after just one treatment. It is the gold standard of all organic peels! This treatment requires downtime and can be used on most parts of the body including but not limited to the back, legs, arms, stomach, armpits and chest. (Inquire for more information, prices starting at $200)

Add Ons

Jelly Mask

This premium hydrating jelly mask nourishes skin leaving it moist, soft and supple. (Already included in the Boss and Queen packages).

High Frequency Treatment

This treatment provides anti-aging functionality by reducing acne, tightening skin, and improving fine lines and wrinkles.

Guasha Facial Massage

This facial massage provides an incredible focus on toning and sculpting the face with the benefits of lymphatic drainage. This treatment reduces puffiness in the face and provides contouring to enhance unique features (great before an event or night out!)

* NOTE: Treatments need to be spaced 4-6 weeks apart

Denise is a miracle worker! I recently had my first facial at Hivewell Beauty and I was shocked at how amazing my skin looked and felt after the treatment. It was dewy, glowing, hydrated and felt so refreshed. Denise talked me through the whole process. It was a lovely, relaxing experience.

By Kirsten MacEachern /

After my first facial at Hivewell, my face felt so soft and smooth, I couldn’t resist coming back. My face glows for days and feels so clean – I love that feeling every time! Nothing like a facial and a bit of pampering at Hivewell to take the stress out of a busy work week!

By Christina Raykha /

Coming to Hivewell is a whole experience. Denise’s calming and soothing aura immediately puts you at ease. I couldn’t believe how peaceful it felt just listening to the sound of her voice! Not to mention that my face has never been as radiant as it was after she gave me the hydrafacial. A definite MUST for all newcomers!! Can’t wait for my next treatment!

By Rana Attalla /

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